Health 3.0 Symposium plenary presentation on the new Health (30th november 2012)

Here is the prezo of the Belgacom event of the “Médicament et Société” foundation dedicated to healthcare and information technology.

Presentation Health 3.0 Symposium

I draw some frame and highlight trends while making a distinction between “Empowered patients” and “Engaged patients”. Short term Challenges are to reward and keep the interest of the “Empowered” while increasing the digital literacy of the “Engaged patients” . The latter require easy user interfaces. I tried to include a lot of relevant examples without getting lost in too many details. Although there was other presentation by other stakeholders , I got the feeling that I was the only one (except the LUSS patient association representative)  to really underline the active role that patient should play in the new Healthcare system. Stakeholders such as hospitals, private insurance, pharmacists tend to put the patient in the center but without any real engagement.  I guess the power of patient associations is still not fully assessed right now.


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